misabel asked:

I just need to say that this blog is fantastic. I don't even know how to say it - thank you for doing this and sharing this all with us? I keep going back to this blog and I sigh here alone, it's so wonderful. Thank you.

Thank YOU! I’m so glad people enjoy it still! I know I suck when it comes to new content but we are all so busy these days. Anyway, you are very welcome =)

Why The 'Gone With The Wind' Prequel Is A Bad Idea

€˜Gone With the Wind Prequel Coming in October

isabellendthatsright asked:

do you take gif requests because i have all these things i would love to see put into sets together but i cant do it myself, side note this blog is becoming a serious addiction for me

Of course we take requests! This blog has been around for 4 years now, and it’s getting progressively harder to think of gifsets that haven’t been done, so requests are more than welcome! I would apologize for enabling you, but I’m glad to hear it =) I’m glad people like it!

Feel free to send requests! It might take a few days to get them together, depending on who has time, but they will get done.

katerinas asked:

Аh, people reading GWTW for the first time. I envy them. I agree with you, I didn't cry at the end, I was just astonished (it was New Year's and during the party I was on, I'd have a flash - OMG HE LEFT). Though rereading certain parts of the book is something inevitable, every year, like a spring flu.

I love that first time read feeling! Ah, it’s the best - and the worst. When you finish a really good book and you know it’s become one of your favorites … but it’s so sad because you will never read it and feel quite the same way again! Astonishment is a good word for the end of GWTW, haha. I actually don’t reread GWTW much (I’ve only read it twice), but I do reread other favorites so I know what you mean =)

Anonymous asked:

in my american history class, the lecturer was talking about the lost cause and slavery and pointed to gwtw as an example of racist propaganda. i really wanted to put up my hand and say No!! It's much more than racist propaganda for us to sit on our high horses and judge. Yes it's racist but it's that historical reality that is interesting to us in seeing how social conditioning of the characters and MM made the story. but then I was worried everyone would think I was a racist so I didn't.

Well said. I’ve discussed the propaganda aspect of GWTW in another ask a few months ago, and I don’t feel like it is propaganda, but rather a presentation of that mindset, as you said. The story hardly makes Scarlett and her ilk the kind of people one would want to emulate (from a moral standpoint). Margaret Mitchell was not racist, but she grew up in and around a culture that still supported racism, and GWTW reflects that. I think it portrays the story of someone like Scarlett pretty accurately; the spoiled sixteen year old daughter of a wealthy plantation owner was never going to be concerned with the lives of her slaves, and so she isn’t. The story is, at its core, about her, and she just happens to live in a world with slavery. It is also good that we now have films and stories like 12 Years A Slave to portray the other side of the coin, but it doesn’t mean we should condemn GWTW.

Also, the film is less racist than the novel. Producer David O. Selznick was sympathetic to black people because he saw parallels between their treatment and the treatment of Jewish people in Europe. I personally doubt his intention would have been to make a piece of racist propaganda; he was focused on the tale of Scarlett O’Hara, and he managed the racism inherent in the story as best he could given the era.

I understand the disinclination to reveal yourself as sympathetic to it; the now ubiquitous anxiety of seeming racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any way can definitely hold you back. However, there is certainly a difference between understanding history and supporting it. Just because the past isn’t nice or pretty or fair doesn’t mean we should condemn it and write it off wholesale.

Anonymous asked:

I just finished GWTW for the first time this past week! I was astounded at what a piece of art the book is... and I was pretty heartbroken. Did you ever cry at the ending? I did when Melanie... died... and Rhett left. :'( And personally I felt so bad for Scarlett --

I don’t believe I cried at the very end, but I may have cried in other parts. There’s no shame in crying, though! I have totally cried at other books and whatnot. The best books are ones that make me cry. How masochistic, I guess, when it comes to literature, haha!