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Your blog is amazing! I love everything that you post especially the gifs you make! And I LOVE your Rhett & Scarlett icon!

Thanks so much! We need to post more, we are aware. But we all appreciate your support so much!

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your blog is great!!

Thank you very much =)

'Gone With the Wind' isn't: Books mark film's 75th anniversary - Newsday

Scarlett fever is about to sweep the country. December is the 75th anniversary of the release of the Oscar-winning classic “Gone With the Wind,” and already publishers are gearing up with books to mark the occasion.

In June, Taylor Trade Publishing released “The Complete Gone With the Wind Trivia Book,” a hodgepodge of quizzes, cast bios, back stories, even tales of the fates of the film’s Academy Awards (Michael Jackson nabbed producer David O. Selznick’s Oscar for $1,542,500 at a 1999 auction). Last month, Taylor Trade also reissued "Road to Tara," Anne Edwards’ 1983 bio of Margaret Mitchell.

September will see the arrival of "The Making of Gone With the Wind" by Steve Wilson and Robert Osborne (University of Texas Press), a companion book to the Austin university’s exhibit, which opens Sept. 9, of more than 300 items from the movie.

Finally, October will have Georgia on its mind with the release of these two books: Taylor Trade’s “The Scarlett Letters,” a collection of Mitchell’s letters that shed light on the making of the film, and Donald McCaig’s "Ruth’s Journey" (Atria), a prequel that purports to tell how Mammy made the trek from Haiti to Tara. Well, fiddle-dee-dee.

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Happy Gone with the Wind day! I read this book in elementary school, watched the movie soon after, and have been in love ever since : ) Thanks for running a blog to celebrate such a classic. It's gorgeous : )

Thanks so much!


I just love ‘Gone with the Wind’. Especially because of Scarlett O`Hara  and Rhett Butler, the greatest couple to ever grace the screen and our perusal of the novel. Great to meet fellow fans and follow wonderful posts!

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I've been looking for a Gone With The Wind blog and I finally found it! Thank you for creating this blog! :D

You’re very welcome!

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This account is amazing, I'm happy I found it. I read GWTW almost a year ago and I've loved it ever since.

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy it =) It is still really great to see and hear people just discovering this story for the first time.

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the fact that my granny, my mom and then I have read this book makes me feel.. i don't know, something beautiful! <3 :D

That’s great =) I love when books and films that span generations! My grandma and I like to talk about GWTW too. My mom has read it but she’s not as into it. Thanks for sharing!

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Oh my God, I love this book and this movie and I am so glad I found blog about it! I love you so much, thank you! <3 :* :D

You’re welcome! Thanks for the sweet message =)