misabel asked:

I just need to say that this blog is fantastic. I don't even know how to say it - thank you for doing this and sharing this all with us? I keep going back to this blog and I sigh here alone, it's so wonderful. Thank you.

Thank YOU! I’m so glad people enjoy it still! I know I suck when it comes to new content but we are all so busy these days. Anyway, you are very welcome =)

Why The 'Gone With The Wind' Prequel Is A Bad Idea

€˜Gone With the Wind Prequel Coming in October

isabellendthatsright asked:

do you take gif requests because i have all these things i would love to see put into sets together but i cant do it myself, side note this blog is becoming a serious addiction for me

Of course we take requests! This blog has been around for 4 years now, and it’s getting progressively harder to think of gifsets that haven’t been done, so requests are more than welcome! I would apologize for enabling you, but I’m glad to hear it =) I’m glad people like it!

Feel free to send requests! It might take a few days to get them together, depending on who has time, but they will get done.